Can a Conservatory Be Used as a Bedroom?

A conservatory is an extension on your home, and for many people is a way of creating an additional room, without having to spend a high amount of money on a brick extension.

And just like you would with any extension, you decide on a purpose for that room, which for many raises the question – can a conservatory be used as a bedroom?

Well in short, the answer is yes, it definitely can be used as a bedroom – just like a brick extension could double up as a bedroom also.

This guide aims to take you through all the queries you might have when it comes to building a conservatory bedroom.

So if you do decide to build or convert a conservatory to a room, you’ll have all the information to get started.

How to make a conservatory into a room

The first question that springs to mind is likely to be – where do I start?

As your conservatory may not currently be used for this purpose.

Well, to help you on this journey we have shared a list of things to consider, which we will take you through now.

Consider your heating source and insulation

As Conservatories are largely built from glass, there is limited opportunity for insulation. Therefore, they can become colder in the winter months if you do not have a good heat source to ensure temperature is maintained.

If you do plan for your conservatory to be a bedroom however, you want to ensure temperatures are stable all year round.

Therefore, there are a few things to consider to help better insulate the extension, including adding thermal underlay underneath your flooring.

Adding a wall radiator can be an effective heat source, or alternatively an electric heater to use as and when required. Read more about Conservatory Heating Solutions.

Thicker floor length curtains will also help keep the temperatures in, helping to make your room cosy.

Ensure your conservatory is well ventilated

Conservatories are very much built to be air and water tight; the downside of this however is that they are likely not to be well ventilated. Therefore, you should consider the following ventilation options:

  • A Conservatory roof vent: This is a simple solution which will help regulate the air flow in your conservatory once fitted. You do need to ensure you purchase one which is water tight and draught proof however.
  • A ceiling fan: These can also double up as a light fixture and are perfect in the winter and summer months. When the weather is hot the fan circulates and cools the air; however, when the temperatures drop you are able to change the fan direction. This will recirculate the warmer air that can often become trapped at the top of your conservatory roof, and re-distribute it across your room.

How to limit noise

Ideally you want your conservatory bedroom to be silent at night time, especially when it comes to nodding off.

And with your conservatory roof being glass or polycarbonate, things such as rain hitting the roof are much clearer than your standard tiled roof.

There are however various methods which will help alleviate the noise in your room; of which we have outlined two of these below:

  • Roof blinds: There is a variety of conservatory roof blind types which will not only block out the light, but help reduce any noise pollution you may incur. In particular, pleated blinds are a great style to go for to help block out noise.
  • Screens: Purchasing tailor made noise proofing screens and fitting these to your existing conservatory roof. There are a range of suppliers on the market whom offer these noise reducing panels. They add an extra layer to help block the sound out.

Your Conservatory Security

If this is to be a permanent bedroom you need to ensure you consider the security of your extension.

All of our doors are fitted with reliable locking systems, however with the room likely to have more valuables in than if it were to be used for dining or relaxing in, you may want to buy additional items to further secure the extension.

For example, you may want to consider purchasing things such as CCTV, or outdoor light sensors for that extra peace of mind.

There are also additional locks you can add to the handles of your conservatory at night to stop them being moved.

And finally, as the majority of your conservatory is glass, all items are likely to be on show throughout the day. We therefore recommend you make sure all valuables are kept out of view.