A Message

There is no one out there that can feel the heart and soul breaking torture more than those who have lost a loved one.


The circumstances that lead to the loss of a beautiful sweet innocent life called Danielle Beccan has been tragic for many of us, it is every parents worry and nightmare , her loss has touched the hearts of millions globally. We are left helpless and shocked that such an act of violence has occurred and taken a sweet young innocent life forever. Any parent then to have lost a child or loved one in these similar circumstances makes them special for they somehow find strength to go through an ordeal laden with an unbearable pain threshold that we cannot even think to imagine.

To experience or know the pain these parents suffer is beyond all of us, we can feel sad and shed some tears of sorrow and sympathy for them but little of us know of the life lasting sad moments and the flash memories these parents experience, heartbreaking to say the least, I can only hope that someone out there gives them comfort and strength when their painful heavy heart cries scream with sudden urges of wishing they could just reach out and hug them once again.

We all need comforting but these special parents who have lost a loved one need it most for we are of the flesh and lack the healing comforts of a spirit, we know not what it is truly like to experience until we have a loved one depart or taken from us hence no matter how many words we write or how much we say we simply cannot heal a love pain, its tragic and heartbreaking, to feel the hurt these parents feel is impossible, it becomes an injury that has to be carried with a great inner deep strength that is required in order to face the world and to continue facing it each day.

There is a cure as many have tried but you have to wait your turn for death is but a bridge that we all need to cross, however the cure is not found in taking ones own life , that will lead you into a spiritual abyss filled with lonely spirits moving but knowing not where they are or where they are heading, why , simply because life is sacred and one should be privileged to have it and to experience it, to take ones own life is to insult the light and the life, you need only ask truly from the heart and you will receive what is best for you.

Who or what then is to blame?
We can point many fingers in many directions such as TV films and video games but that does not solve this issue. Sure enough if you have a gun in your hand then you are responsible for the actions that follow, but you must not forget that if you have a gun then you truly are mixing in the wrong circles and sure enough temptation be it devil related will surely find you your suitable and appropriate destiny, I will say one thing, those responsible would find it easier to come forward than to constantly be thinking when that eventual knock at the door would arrive.