Benefits of Bi-Fold doors.

Our products are suitable and meet all requirements whether designing for your home or the front of your shop entrance, restaurant, dealership, school, hotel, recreation area or office, the robust and functional design of our bi-folding doors are suitable in all types of commercial and retail applications and bring an added value to your business.

All our folding sliding doors are custom built to your needs. That means you get to determine sizes, colors, material choice, finishing & coatings, configurations, and hardware.

Available in Aluminum, Timber, uPVC and Ali-Clad Aluminum.

With the use of our own ‘Fold N Slide’ hardware, this allows our doors to run smoothly as well as increase the integrity and security of the folding sliding doors.

However, the advantages of bi-fold patio doors don’t end there: they also offer other benefits too.

Slim Profile.

Folding patio doors are slimmer and less conspicuous than traditional patio doors or French doors.  Slim profile bi-fold patio doors allow maximum visibility without compromising strength and offer a highly modern look and feel.

Low Maintenance.

With aluminium and UPVC folding patio doors the minimum of maintenance is necessary to keep bi-fold doors looking good for years to come. All that’s required is the occasional wash-down and a dash of oil periodically.


Built to fold and stack neatly to one or both sides of an aperture when open, bi-fold doors allow people to move freely from inside to outside or from one room to another.  Sliding patio and French doors can be impractical in more confined spaces, like opening out onto a balcony or patio: bi-fold patio doors, however, fold away neatly and do not interfere with access.  With a low threshold folding patio doors can be an ideal solution for wheelchair users and the disabled in need of wider access and a minimal step.

Safety and security.

Slim profile ensure the maximum possible glass area and visibility to the outside when closed, yet are completely weatherproof and also offer excellent thermal efficiency. Despite offering incredibly useful access, bi-fold doors are very secure and consequently are widely used in both domestic and commercial environments.

Modern contemporary looks.

SRL’s b-folding doors boast highly sophisticated folding and sliding technology to give many years of trouble free use.  Their versatile design means they can look as aesthetically pleasing in modern contemporary builds and older period properties.

You Can Blend Your Outdoor and Indoor Space

One of the biggest benefits of exterior bifold doors is that they help to remove the barrier between your garden and your indoor space. When closed, the huge expanse of glass provides you with a wonderful view of the outdoors, and when open, a huge aperture is created to perfectly blend outside and in.

Garden parties, outdoor dining, barbecues, and any other spring and summer activity is enhanced when the barrier between your home and garden is removed.

Bifold Doors Allow You to Incorporate More Natural Light into Your Home

Opening up a huge aperture with glass doors is a brilliant way to incorporate more natural light into your home. For small, dim spaces, the addition of bifold doors can do wonders for the brightness and general atmosphere of the room.

Plus, if you opt for aluminium bifold doors which tend to have very slim frames, you can minimise the amount of shadow cast by the frames.

You’ll Have More Flexible Opening Options

With bifold doors, you can opt to open up the whole aperture or just part of it. Plus, you can choose to include an access door which means you can simply open one leaf of the door whenever you need quick, easy access.

Compared to normal sliding doors, in which only half of the aperture opens up, bifold doors provide far more flexibility.